2019 Toyota Yaris

Be prepared for a surprise with 2019 Toyota Yaris, that is shortly what the manufacturer promises. Even though we always expect some recognizable features under the name Yaris, this time we should expect a completely different model. As completely opposite from the previous models, which were usually known to their functionality and a wide range of usage, mostly for families and average daily driving, new Yaris will go further and be used as a rally car. That means not only changing in engine performances and strength but also changes in design, which has to follow the new usage of the car. Continue reading “2019 Toyota Yaris”

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2019 Toyota Yaris Hybrid

2019 Toyota Yaris Hybrid is just an addition to growing class of hybrid cars that Toyota is planned to start in years to come. That is an answer to the competitions, which also aim to make as many hybrid cars as is possible. The reason is pretty obvious. The Economic crisis and fuel lacking which together with struggling to protect the environment caused changes in the automotive industry. Manufacturers now have a mission to make economic cars that protect the environment and not fast and strong engines anymore. As Toyota showed this car on Geneva Auto Show, we will not wait for a long to see this model on the streets. Continue reading “2019 Toyota Yaris Hybrid”

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2018 Toyota Yaris – With upgraded features and bold style

There should not be many changes and surprises in 2018 Toyota Yaris; according to the news from Toyota, we had by now. The popular small car is slightly redesigned, and those changes are only in term of design and equipment in the cabin. Toyota simply has to change something, after the long period of using almost the same details for those small cars, so we can say that they have learned the lesson. New Yaris has recognizable and traditional details, well-known engine performances, but there are still some novelties which prove that Toyota knows how to keep buyers attention whole time. Continue reading “2018 Toyota Yaris – With upgraded features and bold style”

2017 Toyota Yaris Review and Price

2017 Toyota Yaris is the successor of popular name and brand which is a synonym for stability, safe driving and well and modern designed hatchback with comfort and wide cabin for five passengers. The new car represents the competitor in the class, with the new features and details which should improve the look and design for the younger buyers. However, there are complaints in term of cabin noise, equipment and some materials used in making it, but looking at the price and the competitors in the class Yaris has many things to be competitive as the last models. Continue reading “2017 Toyota Yaris Review and Price”