2019 Lexus ES – is more curbed then GS sibling

2019 Lexus ES is a new, more aggressive, wider and longer version of the popular model from also the very popular manufacturer. Even though there were many things and details that manufacturer could change, it seems that they did not want to change things people from certain age love in this car. So it is still a long sedan, with little traditional lights and details and not many decorations, to not spoil the feeling of luxury and elegance, so well known on Lexus cars. However, extending of the wheelbase allowed more space for passengers and in the truck, which improved the looking of the car. All of these changes were needed after the ES series started to lose the game with RX and even with NX series, crossovers that were not as much popular as ES mid-size sedans in past few years. So, it was time to change something and as a result, the manufacturer has made this new version. Continue reading “2019 Lexus ES – is more curbed then GS sibling”

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