2019 Lexus ES – is more curbed then GS sibling

2019 Lexus ES is a new, more aggressive, wider and longer version of the popular model from also the very popular manufacturer. Even though there were many things and details that manufacturer could change, it seems that they did not want to change things people from certain age love in this car. So it is still a long sedan, with little traditional lights and details and not many decorations, to not spoil the feeling of luxury and elegance, so well known on Lexus cars. However, extending of the wheelbase allowed more space for passengers and in the truck, which improved the looking of the car. All of these changes were needed after the ES series started to lose the game with RX and even with NX series, crossovers that were not as much popular as ES mid-size sedans in past few years. So, it was time to change something and as a result, the manufacturer has made this new version.


We could not be able to see much as the first test driving was made under the thick protection, but 2019 Lexus ES has all details as the last model, with few changes. There are almost the same front lights, but on more aggressive and large front grille, with recognizable rhomboidal wide air intake on the bottom. The rear end should be simple, with redesigned and more attractive rear lights and possible thin spoiler on the top of the truck door. The car is made on well known Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA), with a longer wheelbase for more space on rear seats.


The first thing needed to be said about the cabin in 2019 Lexus ES is that the cabin is bigger and has more space for the passenger in rear seats. Being a longer car, new ES offers more comfort, which will surely be fulfilled with great technology.


It is expected that the manufacturer will not change the engine in new 2019 Lexus ES from the last model, so we expect that it will be the same 3.5-liter V6 paired with an eight-speed transmission. Even though the car is driven on front wheels, there are high chances that manufacturer will offer the all-wheel driving system in some versions, too.

2019 Lexus ES Release Date and Price

The price of 2019 Lexus ES could be much different as for the current model, so expect the price higher than $42,000 which is the price for the highest trim version of the current model. Releasing date is a year from now.

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