2019 Toyota Yaris

Be prepared for a surprise with 2019 Toyota Yaris, that is shortly what the manufacturer promises. Even though we always expect some recognizable features under the name Yaris, this time we should expect a completely different model. As completely opposite from the previous models, which were usually known to their functionality and a wide range of usage, mostly for families and average daily driving, new Yaris will go further and be used as a rally car. That means not only changing in engine performances and strength but also changes in design, which has to follow the new usage of the car.


As we said, changing in car’s usage leads to changes in design, and 2019 Toyota Yaris will surely be different from the last model. Firstly there is changed sharp front end with wider air intake on the bottom, obviously needed for extra torques. However, there is the same thin grille and dark frame shaped in opposite letter V around the front grille. The lights are thin, incorporated in the front end and there are rounded fog lights below them. The rear end is more rounded, with modernized rear lights and also details in dark. The car does not have usual curves and dents as other Toyota models.


Although the manufacturer planned to offer 2019 Toyota Yaris firstly, it shows magnificent cabin equipment and comfort than rally cars usually do. This roomy and wide cabin has perfectly chosen equipment for family driving, as well as for daily purposes. There is extra space for cargo, which is usually a problem in small cars, and surely enough space for taller passengers. We are not informed about technology found in this car yet, but it is expected that Toyota will not skip the best in that field.


The base model of 2019 Toyota Yaris should be powered with 1.5-liter four-cylinder with 106 horsepower and 103 pound-feet of torque. It could be paired with five-speed transmission and four-speed automatic transmission. Those combinations showed that this engine can increase the speed of 60 mph for 9.5 seconds, so the manufacturer has chosen to not change it. Predicted fuel consumption is around 30 mpg and goes to 36 mpg city driving.

2019 Toyota Yaris Release Date and Price

We know that we were interested in you for this car, but be patient because you still cannot buy it. As the manufacturer announced, new 2019 Toyota Yaris should be on the market at the end of 2018. The base model will cost $14,500 but with all equipment, it should cost more.

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