2018 Toyota Innova – modern and functional vehicle

According to the information our team has got, Toyota has been planning to launch the new Innova that is going to hit the market as a 2018 model. All the fans will be glad to hear that the new 2018 Innova will appear as a modern and functional vehicle and will represent a great choice for both – long family journeys and your business trips. Continue reading “2018 Toyota Innova – modern and functional vehicle”

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2018 Toyota GR HV Sports Concept – New Celica, or something totally new?

2018 Toyota GR HV Sports Concept should be the most intriguing car on next Tokyo Auto Show, not only because of design but interesting engine option and some new commands and technical resolutions. Many people will recognize old model Toyota GT86, while other will be sure in design and shape of Lamborghini Reventon, that old fashionable sporty car, and they will right, but in some details. It has recognizable chassis and shape of the cabin, but most of the things are completely different and represent the future in the car industry. Wait to see what they have planned so far, but keep in mind that those are just indications. Continue reading “2018 Toyota GR HV Sports Concept – New Celica, or something totally new?”

2018 Toyota Century Concept – Tokyo Motor Show

2018 Toyota Century is an old classic car in new cloth, redesigned but with the same details which made it popular back in past. Even though it is a new model, you will recognize similarities with classic elegance like on Caterham Seven or Land Rover Defense. That is quite opposite of the main theme on next Toyota Auto Show when this famous manufacturer will represent mostly futuristic and high-tech fascinating prototypes. This is also much different from things Toyota usually made. However, this vehicle breaks the boundaries in elegant car industry making a luxury car in overall but as well in details. Continue reading “2018 Toyota Century Concept – Tokyo Motor Show”

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2018 Toyota Tj Cruiser Concept – Minivan and SUV

2018 Toyota TJ Cruise Concept is one of two vehicles which Toyota will show on next Tokyo Auto Show in October, as a combination of the functional van with large and modern SUV. The manufacturer has not made a mistake with this interesting vehicle, whatsoever. There is a large hiatus on van’s market, mostly because SUVs take their places, but people still want something which can be used for a heavy load and also be used in everyday circumstances. So, the manufacturer connected both – work (toolbox) and joy, making the name TJ. Now, it becomes a car for multiple lifestyles. Continue reading “2018 Toyota Tj Cruiser Concept – Minivan and SUV”

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2018 Toyota Tundra ” Tundrasine ” Limo Pickup

2018 Toyota Tundra Limo Pickup is one of the vehicles planned to be offered only for special buyers on special demands, with obviously numerous great features offered in the base model, but with many options to be extended on customers’ demands. Speaking about the extending, this car is actually a longer version of classic Tundra truck made in Toyota, firstly showed on 2015 SEMA expo show as classic limo made in Toyota. Why did they actually make this car? Nobody can say for sure, as limos are usually made of classic sedans, but it seems that manufacturer knows the market and we just can sit in the leathered soft seat and wait to see what this car has. Continue reading “2018 Toyota Tundra ” Tundrasine ” Limo Pickup”

2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid – Mid-size Car

2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid should be not only a successor of the famous model which attracts attention for over 15 years, but it will do it with the main goal to reach the popularity and usage of more popular Prius from the same manufacturer. That is why Toyota has made an improved hybrid engine, which supposes to be much stronger and has better fuel economy. Other things about this car are not that important and visible, although there are few novelties worth of mentioning, like cabin equipment and a new style of the exterior with some changes and updates. Continue reading “2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid – Mid-size Car”